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q3 Lighting
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    From parking lots and airports; to office complexes and hotels; to warehouses and car dealerships..HOW MUCH WILL WE SAVE YOU 

    Free Energy Audit - Utility Rebates - ROI / Payback Analysis

    q3 can save energy costs with efficient, state-of-the-art lighting solutions, that simply work. 

    Are you ready to save money on your energy consumption

    Our facility audit includes an analysis of current baseline energy usage and lighting power consumption.

    LED Lighting Products

    q3 has the best LED lighting products that meet all 3rd party requirements for utility rebates throughout the US, such as Design Lights Consortium (DLC) and the DOE Energy Star Program.



    • What your Return on Investment (ROI) and payback will be.
    • How much are you currently spending. 
    • How much will you save by upgrading to a more efficient LED lighting system.
    • How much utility rebate /cash incentive will you receive.
    • q3 will identify all savings opportunities for maximum results.


    • We will 
    • Complete the rebate approval process for you to include  - application, technical submittals , energy calculations, pre -inspections,  pre-approval amount, post -inspections.
    • All you do is wait on the rebate check to arrive


    • q3 handles installation turn-key
    • Certified and licensed master electricians
    • 30 plus year experience 
    • Removal of old fixtures and lamps
    • Recycle according to OSHA standards
    • Removal and disposal of ballasts
    • Area returned to pre install condition